A mind when stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions! – Anonymous

Early years of a child are as important and delicate as the early stages of pregnancy of a fetus. As proper care and nutrition determine the growth of a healthy fetus during early pregnancy, similarly the base of a child’s approach, thinking, analyzing surroundings and personality are mostly determined by their early experiences.

Babies start using their senses from very first day of their birth and start having their feelings and understanding of the world through experiences.

A child’s brain grows so rapidly between the 0 to 5 years of age, which makes it a very crucial time for them to be exposed to stimulation environment with great learning experiences and variety of opportunities to explore their senses to attain the best of their skills.

A good and stimulating Early Years setting can make a big impact on child’s overall development in different ways. For example –

  • Children feel more encouraged and excited to explore their physical strength seeing other children around them in a challenging environment. A Nursery with good Staff to children ratio
    may help them encouraging more closely with necessary support.
  • A wider and targeted range of resources enhance the learning and exploring.
  • Children learn social skills by sharing attention and toys. They learn to be responsible and respectful.
  • Children start being more independent and confident to do small tasks like feeding themselves, taking shoes off etc.
  • They also achieve emotional independence, which is the first step for them to be able to make choices and to form new connections confidently.
  • Children learn to express and manage their feelings in more appropriate ways. At the same time they form friendships with other children. Sometimes explore their leadership skills, in a familiar group of children.
  • They develop and explore different ways of communication with a positive guidance of teachers.
  • Exposed to new ideas and variety of approaches from peers and teachers, children feel confident to experiment their own ideas, creativity and imaginations confidently.
  • This age is also very important for children to build their immunity which develops faster in a group where hygiene is maintained to prevent severe health risks and contamination.
  • A well structured, evident and curriculum base practice also helps in identifying the strengths or learning gaps/delays in children which can lead to the needed encouragement and support at
    right time
  • This is commonly evident that children attending an Early Year setting settle smoother and perform better in Big School environment as they already had formed emotional, physical and intellectual base to be able to learn as part of a group.

Every child is so unique with own little personality, and exposure to a good Early Years environment can help bringing the best of child’s skills and potential. Children become more confident and interested to achieve and learn further in their lives.

About Toddler Town

Toddler Town British Nursery is an EYFS setting planned and designed to provide the best possible opportunities for children to explore and learn to achieve the best of their skills. Additional to a well resourced age appropriate classrooms, we have targeted common areas like a big library, Soft Play area, Tiny Town (role play area), Small World, Sand Play area, 2 play grounds and a Bike track area which provides children with variety as well space to explore.

All staff at Toddler Town are trained and most importantly passionate about childcare. They are qualified to ensure necessary guidance and support to meet individual child’s need,
in a loving, caring and safe environment.

Health and safety is practiced well as priority at both of our settings. Additional to legal Health and Safety requirements, we have specifically assigned staff like Nurses, Health and Safety
Coordinator and trained Managers to ensure all possible risks are assessed and managed properly.

We are very proud of our Child-centric approach to work as a team with Parents and caregivers to ensure the continuity and consistency for extended learning of each child at the Nursery.

We always recommend some physical tours of such settings to get a feeling of the positive learning environment as well as for parents to understand the importance of Early Years education, as words or literature may not be enough to describe the best place for your child.